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  • What does my child need to wear for their first dance lesson?
    Sparkles School of Dance encourages children to wear comfortable clothing to dance such as jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts and a vest top/t-shirt. Your child will dance in bare feet but we do advise you bring them in appropriate shoes such as trainers or pumps. Hair needs to be tied back off the child’s face.
  • Will I have to buy a uniform?
    Sparkles School of Dance encourages parents to buy uniform within 4 weeks of the child starting. We encourage this for Health and Safety reasons and also so your child feels included within the group. All uniform is reasonably priced and can be brought from the Sparkles website.
  • How much are classes?
    Your first MONTH at dance is FREE and then all our classes start from as little as £2. We tend to charge £4 per hour approximately. Lessons are reasonably priced and we offer discount the more classes you take on the timetable and also if you are siblings.
  • How do I pay?
    Classes are paid monthly in advance via bank transfer. You will be invoiced.
  • Do I get discount for having more than one child?
    Sparkles School of Dance do offer a sibling discount. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Can I watch my child’s dance lesson?
    Sparkles School of Dance allows parents to watch their child’s first dance lesson during the enrolment week, this is at the start of each month. We also offer open classes each term where parents are invited in to watch the classes.
  • Who will be looking after my child?
    All staff at Sparkles School of Dance are DBS checked and qualified in their area.
  • How old does my child have to be to join?
    Sparkles School of Dance allow children to join from the age of 2 years. But please note that children must be fully toilet trained before being able to join the school.
  • Where are you based/What is the address?
    Sparkles School of Dance are based at Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst, Cooks Lane, Birmingham B37 6NU
  • Is there off-road parking?
    There is onsite parking facilities.
  • Can we do any of the classes on a different day?
    The timetable is set and due to the size of our school we can’t amend it
  • Can my child attend Sparkles School of Dance if they have a medical condition?
    Sparkles School of Dance has a qualified first aider on site at all times when open. Medical conditions should not stop your child from attending.
  • Can my child attend if they have a disability?
    As a school we try and meet every child’s individual needs. We are proud to have dancers who have special education needs attending our school.
  • Can my child attend another dance school as well as Sparkles School of Dance?
    As a school we encourage all children to do as many extra curriculum activities as they wish. However attended two dance schools can be difficult if you are wanting to attend classes that we offer at Sparkles then please contact both Principals to see if they agree.
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